Our Singapore ♥

Dick Lee is back in action! ^___^ omg I have missed his NDP songs. When I first heard this song on the bus up to the Great Wall of China, I felt like that tinge of patriotism in the songs have finally come back. And congrats to JJ Lin for singing this, his image with me was totally tarnished after YOG's oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah song. I mean, it was pretty addictive after I heard it many times, but I felt so embarrassed for him when I heard it for the first time. 

As the Jubilee Weekend draws close, I suddenly feel like SG50 is sooo overused. Why is everything labelled SG50?! I love the 50¢ and 50% discounts, but some people try too hard. Like SG50 collectible Ayam brand sardine cans or bobo fishcakes with SG50 cutouts at 50¢ per piece. Go google them, they're pretty hilarious (:

Talking about sg food, I was thinking about creating a new column featuring our local food. Maybe I'll call it Food Friday or something. While I was in Beijing, a lot of people asked me about the kinds of food we have in sg, and I always relished talking about it. I am always energised when I mention how coconut exists in laksa and kaya and nasi lemak, how chicken rice come in the shape of balls, and how we eat shaved ice with lots and lots of sugar syrup. And then I make myself hungry =.= Even though I like certain individual dishes from overseas, I feel like no one country matches up to sg when talking about cuisine as a whole. We need to show the world what Singaporeans eat and teach them how to enjoy their every meal. But anw, it's just an idea. Maybe it'll come to fruition if I ever decide to really get down to it. 

Meanwhile, I need to get back to my essays. I have 5 days and another 2000 words to go /: