Midweek Joy \(^_^)/

Posting on Monday, Wednesday and weekend evenings will probably become the norm for this sem, since I have my off days on even week Tuesdays and on Thursdays, which gives meaning to procrastination the night before hehe XP

Eujin was not in today, so Christine asked me out for dinner. She had a sushi craving and I had an ice-cream cake craving. Yea, I know. What kind of craving is an ice-cream cake craving? It's not even simply ice-cream, it has to include the sponge. I wonder where my stomach even got that idea from =.= unfortunately, I'm not very creative with ice-cream cakes, and the only place I could think of is Swensens, where I would have to buy 1kg of cake. And no way was I going to buy a cake that would melt by the time I got home.

After dinner at Sushi Express, Christine suggested trying Isetan. Those frozen jap pastries with ice-cream fillings would make a good substitute. But we had Godiva ice-cream in the end. Or should I say, I had Godiva ice-cream, and Christine was the save-it-from-dripping friend haha x:

We took a photo of the ice-cream, and because Christine imitated her friend's hashtag, we found out that #christineandfriends and #kellieandfriends both exist and have been in use! o: anw, about the photo. I really like Christine's new phone's camera. The automated depth of field is slightly better than iPhone, but the main thing is that the aspect ratio of the photo exactly fits the proportions of my screen! :D I guess I have no choice but to admit that Samsung phones fare better in certain aspects. Oh, and Snapseed works better on Samsung too. But it's okay! I'm pretty sure my next iPhone will beat all of that *fingers crossed* ^___^ and it's not like I use Snapseed anw (though I probably should learn how to.)

Today's lifetime learning was pretty fun. The auntie at Sushi Express showed us how to count plates using the height of the chopsticks, and Christine shared some life lessons on how to board the train the right way. We really learn new things each day (: