Sending Amanda Off to Sweden

Having a clique passport cover is truly one of the coolest things ever. Besides the fact that each time we are overseas together we get to take a super cool group passport photo, I managed to trick ade into thinking that I was flying again just four days after I came back by posting a pic of amanda's passport on insta XP

Just for some fun down memory lane;
1. v-day 2012, when I first gave out the matching passport covers as v-day gifts
2. genting 2013, christine didn't come ):
3. beijing 2015, me and jm squeezing on a single bed at night

After amanda left, me and christine were so worried about her >.< she was so confused even before she left, idk how she's going to survive there with friends equally clueless. They were all queuing up at the wrong queue for check-in, and I blindly believed they knew what they were doing until christine felt something was a little off, and went to find out where the correct queue was at. And then she texted us this morning to say she was late for her connecting flight. Idk why she is doing this, but I'd rather go alone, or I'd just make everyone follow my pace, and at least I will know what I am doing. But it's okay, I'm pretty sure everything will work its way out somehow (:

Besides amanda's chaos, I think it was a good day for me and christine.

Firstly, we had fried noodles and meiji vanilla milk, the same way we had it since a long long time ago. Oh, the nostalgia (':

Then I got to eat the SG50 ombré cake from Dean&Deluca which I had wanted to try since I saw it online. My excuse was that I bought half a cake to share with everyone at the airport. This cake is only available for the month of august, and it is a true ombré cake in the sense that every layer is a different flavour, rather than just colouring. So while most rainbow cakes are just seven differently coloured layers of vanilla-flavoured sponge, this one is raspberry, grapefruit, rose, sakura, and pink peach. It was really pretty to look at, but the flavours didn't jump out very strongly. Dean&Deluca was never the first place I'd think of for pastries, and this one didn't help it very much either. Oh, well.

After sending amanda off, we missed the last bus, but the bus driver was really helpful, and we had the coolest bus ride ever. I'm thankful for that. It's jubilee weekend, and I'm glad to see the Singapore spirit seeping through in everything we do for each other :D