Tutorials start tmr and I have not done one ounce of reading this entire weekend. But it was a pretty fulfilling one nonetheless, and I do not think it appropriate to judge the productivity of weekends by the amount of readings done, but by the amount of joy experienced instead.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

I spent my entire day hanging out with the 3H'09 / 4H'10 peeps for our most successful outing yet. Five years on, and my friends from DHS are still the people I cherish most. I have stopped contacting my primary schoolmates, I live the secluded life in university, but throughout it all, the ties that were formed from being a Dunmanian never seemed to waver.

We held our gathering back in school. It all began with greeting the friendly security auntie who used to work in the UN Peacekeeping, had lunch at Kampong Arang, and then walked to Kallang Macs for ice-cream before having dinner at KLP. Then I took the circle line from Stadium to Marymount home with LingRong. We did it all just as we would have done back in the day. Oh, the nostalgia (': #dhsmemories

The school maintained its overall look and feel. 孔子 still overlooked 正心园, banners for the Senior High Interhouse Games still lined the canteen, and everything was just as we had known it to be. The only stark difference would probably be the toilets. They have been renovated to look just like the toilets in the better malls along Orchard Road. They have automated sensor taps, mirrors which dispense face towels from below (like the ones in Ion), and jet towel hand-dryers. Amazing stuff o.o

It really is easy and comfortable to hang out with people who have seen me in my worst times, because then there is nothing to hide, no reputation to upkeep, and we can suan each other with new and old jokes, and we are always sure no offence will be taken. Just sitting around and catching up with them makes me wonder why I never tried so hard to be present at previous outings. I need to learn to stop investing my time in friendships that don't last, and spend more time with the constants instead of taking them for granted.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

I finally got to see the koalas Australia loaned to the Singapore Zoo for the SG50 celebrations \(^_^)/ it's been a long time since I last went to the Singapore Zoo; the last time I did that was in 2013 with the Clique. But in the past 3 months, I have been to the Munich Zoo, the world's oldest zoo in Vienna, and the Beijing Zoo. And as my usual patriotic self would say, Singapore Zoo is truly the best zoo in the world. The enclosures are beautiful, there are interesting performances, the area and toilets are clean, the place is spacious, and the list goes on.

I am glad that I'm not the only one that thinks the Singapore Zoo has the best facilities for both the animals and the human visitors, because the Singapore Zoo has been among the Top 5 Zoos in the World for several years running. I am always happy when Singapore tops the charts for all the good things, like World's Best Airport, World's First Night Zoo, World's Happiest Country etc.

I have decided that since I am no longer volunteering at events, and also that I need to live a more regular volunteerism lifestyle, I might try for volunteering at the  zoo. Not only do I live relatively nearby, and I am unafraid of animals (expect for cats and dogs), I would also be a good ambassador for Singapore where tourists abound.

In the late evening after I got up from my nap it was the National Day Rally, which I make a point to watch every year. This year, I felt like Mr Lee Hsien Loong was making an active campaign for the upcoming elections. There was no need for that in the past when PAP was the obvious winner. PAP is still the obvious choice for me now, but it does not appear that way to some other Singaporeans, and the elections are becoming precarious situations. Times are changing, so I will understand it as a necessary move on his part. I have much to say about his ideas, but I don't like to discuss politics over prose, so I'll save that for F2F discussion with whoever's interested.