Another Painful Week Passes By

Seriously, what is wrong with my life? The weeks seem long, but even with a longer week than before, I get nothing done. My productivity is soon hitting an all-time low if I continue getting through life this way. On a normal day, I should be able to do a reading in 1.5hrs, but now 1.5hrs would probably only get me through 5 pages. I really need to find back my motivation and love for living life, though I don't think the school term is a very good time to be doing that. The only time I can really be enjoying myself during the semester is probably when I'm watching drama, or eating good food. And there were two happy meals this week :D

The first happy meal was with Christine on Thursday, when we went to Habitat Coffee for brunch.  I had a soft and fluffy thick pancake which was pretty as well;
It's been so long since I had a thick pancake so well done, since most of them end up cooked on the outside but soft on the inside. Unfortunately, I was the only one having a happy meal, cos Christine didn't really enjoy her eggs benedict D: the eggs weren't exactly runny, the ham tasted like bacon with too much salt, and the smoked salmon was overcooked. But I guess the truffle fries and good coffee there did make up for it.

Today, my family went to the Red Dot Harvest Pop-up for lunch to support my cousin (and his friend);
It was in a rustic little kitchen built especially for pop-ups, and we had french cuisine with ingredients from Singapore. The dish I really liked was the ice kacang french-style, because bandung granite (shaved ice) and gula meleka blancmange could never get better than this. No pictures because I had no camera and no phone, but try to imagine a large plate with small portions and beautiful plating haha. Alternatively, refer to the pictures from my birthday lunch at JAAN.

It's time to get back to trying to be productive. Even if it's going to take longer than usual to get what I want to do done, I am not going to give up >.<