Christine's Floral DIY Party

Funny how I didn't spend my recess week and it was over in the blink of an eye. Recess week ended with the two most productive days prepping for Christine's bday party. In the end, Christine was the only one in the clique who had a legit 21st party with friends and family gathered rather than just a lunch / dinner outing. But only me and hj turned up, since Amanda is in Sweden and jm is in Japan. I probably had more fun than hj though, cos I knew the people from church, but hj only had me to talk to.

Christine wanted a floral theme, but since fresh flowers die quickly, we only started preparing for the saturday evening party on friday aftnn. It began with a trip to get some craft stuff downtown that had nothing to do with what we were actually going to use for the rest of the aftnn. Then we took a bus to the florist to pick out the flowers;
I really liked the way Christine's phone camera captured this picture of me, it makes my skin look so good hehe :D besides the good skin, it was actually freezing inside the cold storage room at the florist, especially since we were wasting time in there being indecisive and all. After walking in and out of the cold storage twice, we finally decided upon some tiny pale pink and white flowers as a replacement for the baby's breath which we could not find, some pink and orange-red roses, and this white thingy which I don't even know what it is called, it just looked like it would come in handy (but didn't).

The actual work began after we got to my house. We lay out the black backdrop and started using the roses as a measure for how many flowers we should place in each row, and what would you know! It turned out to be such a masterpiece in and of itself, that we decided not to do anything more to it than just leave the roses as it was;
That accidental discovery saved us quite a lot of time, so we went on to making the fresh flower crown which Christine wanted. I wanted a flower crown too, but cos it's not my birthday, I only got a bracelet D: I'm contented anw, since no one else got handmade flower accessories hehe.
This experience has taught us why people sell flower crowns for $30+. It really is a lot of work, from choosing the best stalks to sticking them onto the wires one at a time. Unfortunately, its beauty does not last past a couple of days.

We left the flowers at a corner of the living room, and basically just wished for the best and that they would not wither before the party. Thankfully, my parents saw the flowers, and by the time I woke up the next morning, they had alr helped us place the flowers in water and wrapped the stems of the roses with wet cotton and aluminium foil;
It sometimes pays to have parents who tend to their own gardens, so that they know exactly what to do in such situations.

Then on saturday evening I transported the flowers over to the party, and we began to put up the decorations, which included the backdrop together with the fairy lights and roses, then arranging the extra flowers in vases to prettify the place, etc;

I quite enjoyed myself at the party, but I think the big Charlotte (hj) was traumatising the little Charlotte (Christine's cousin). And she actually thinks that she is on the same frequency as them =.= Sometimes I truly wonder at hj's inability to understand the situation, and her readings.

On Friday, Christine told me she had to find a necklace to match her plain dress, and I said not to worry about it since we got it covered. We gave Christine her present, which was a rose gold infinity necklace from agatha, and put it on for her for her to wear for the rest of the party. We decided on an infinity necklace because Christine lost the one she got from Novica, and had asked me to get another while I was in Germany, which I didn't /: I had to walk over ten jewellery stores to ask around because while many people made infinity necklaces, they were always too fancy or studded that it didn't retain the original feel of how an infinity necklace should be. Finally, one agatha store told me to get it from another store, and I got the last piece \(^_^)/ I encourage all jewellery stores to start producing simple infinity necklaces from now on, because its beauty lies in it simplicity.

Photos by official photog Joel will be arriving soon, so just make do with my / Christine's / hj's phone camera shots for now XP