Recess Week Begins

As much as I would like to burrow my head under the covers and live in denial, the fact is that it's alr recess week. The halfway mark is the most prominent signal to buck up and start getting my life back on track. It's not always the easiest task since I'm prone to running away from reality, but I'll give it a shot nonetheless. Should anyone catch me distracted, please remind me, and help me, get back to living life as a good student.

What have I been up to since school started? I can't remember. It's like I get through every painful day and painful week aimlessly, and then a little reality check reminds me that I'm still at ground zero. Life is just depressing like that. Maybe it's just like what Irie Naoki said, I'm not working hard because I have nothing to work hard for. Everything comes easily and my heart doesn't flutter. In simple terms, I'm bored. But I probably should not compare myself with him, since he is a genius of IQ 200.

Or maybe I'm like Nodame. She had a goal to lead a simple life and therefore did not strive to be extraordinary in anything at all. But the day she found her dream, she was super geared up to do whatever it takes, including an entire week of sleepless nights. All I need to do is find my one extraordinary dream.

Seriously, why am I comparing myself with drama characters. But dramas are a reflection of reality, and reality is a reflection of dramas. Or are they not? Even if dramas are exaggerated or the setup is in an alternate universe, the basic premise of a logical flow is what connects them. Even with all that camera technique and special effects that would never be in real life, the audiences are still able to understand the actions and empathise with the characters because they understand how the characters would react given what they know of their out-of-this-world surroundings. This underlying assumption of rational decision making, is why dramas continue to live on. 

I'm looking forward to Christine's party ♥