This is but One Week of 80 Years of My Life

why do I feel like eons have gone by?

I'm so glad it rained this morn, even just for half an hour. The past few days have been so hot and humid that the only thing I ever want to do is to nap. It's not that I really mind the 30°C heat, because I don't. I just mind the sun in the absence of wind, and with humidity above 85%. Basically, I love the sun but I don't like to sweat. I love the breeze too. I want to go to the beach and take a yacht out to deep-sea dive in the open waters. Why am I not in Maldives right now? D: 

This sem hasn't been going too smoothly for me, but I guess everything will work its way out somehow. Despite having to feel a little more troubled, and having to adjust to some inconveniences such as sending a few more emails and going to the offices, I managed to sort out all the bothersome stuff across the last weeks, even when it's not with the end result I wanted. But most importantly, I made it through, so I'll make it through the next few weeks as well, although it is going to be draining to keep this up. I just hope it'll all pay off someday. And I sincerely wish the rest of the sem will treat me better.

To add on to all my problems, I recently got to know a friend's friend, who turned out to be a stalker (hopefully he's not reading this, ha). He had fun looking through my fb history, and sends me inappropriate messages as if we're that close to be talking like that. Either he's a creep or he's making it too obvious he's trying to hit on me. Why do I always meet weird people >.< I'm not particularly upset or anything, I just don't like it when he leaves comments on statuses or pictures from so long ago and friends ask about it. It reminded about another guy from a long time ago who was a little like this. He always tried really hard to find topics to talk with me about, and I would entertain him cos I was young and innocent and I just thought he was just being overly zealous and friendly. It was only three years later that I found out everyone else knew, and they I was leading him on, sigh.

As I was feeling a little frustrated and a little tired out, I saw this poster right in front of me.
Fate answered my despair and gave me my daily dose of motivation. Destiny wanted to tell me that I need to chill no matter what. This is why advertisements actually attract customers. They resonate. Anyone wants to buy me a drink or an ice-cream as a cheer-me-up? (: