#DrJooWon Fan Meet

photo: onetvasia

Joowon oppa came to sg for the first time ytd! :D omg I was really excited to see him, so even though the only people I knew who would come with me weren't able to make it, I still decided to go alone nonetheless. And it wasn't too bad, since I made friends with another girl who went alone as well! Now I have a crazy fangirl buddy heh.

My new friend is a little crazier than me, since she arrived at 12nn for a show that only starts at 7.15pm. I queued slightly behind her, having arrived at around 1.30pm. We were amongst the first 100+ people, so we managed to get into the pen with a good spot within the first five rows, and we got earlybird freebies as well (: the best part was that I could see joowon's face super clearly from where I was standing! :D he's so tall and his skin is so flawless omg. I want to stare into his eyes and hug him and take selfie with him too ):

Of course, with such a good view, I was busy snapping my camera away, trying to get every single one of his cute facial expressions. Unfortunately, I realised the temporary laptop I'm using right now does not have a mem card reader, so I will have to wait until the end of the year to get those photos out of my camera ): in the meantime, I will carry my camera everywhere so that I can stare at his face all the time and remember the joy and happiness of ytd ^_^