End of Series: Yong Pal

Last night marked the end of 18-episode drama Yong Pal. I was initially very drawn in to the fast-paced action-packed genre about the resident quack doctor, but it started to disappoint very much along the seventh and eighth episodes and never seemed to get back on its feet after ): if this show was done with anyone else, I would have stopped after episode 11 or 12, but with joowon on the show, I gritted my teeth and pulled through it anyhow. There were many instances where I really just wanted to click on the fast-forward button, but decided instead to stare at joowon's face on my 15" laptop screen. Oh, the joys of having larger than life characters right in front of my eyes o_o 

Yong Pal came on with a strong start in addition to the fact that they baited me with joowon, but then as we got into what should have been the climax, the plot started getting long-winded, the editing had many jarring cuts, the music seemed really out of place, and many of the more interesting and prominent characters which should have carried their own storylines just got cut off and replaced with new characters which I didn't have any emotional attachment to. If there was a purpose for it, I might have understood, but they could have just kept the characters on screen without giving them replacements! I was especially disappointed with joowon's character. Initially, he would do almost every single crazy thing if it meant that his sister would live, but then he became so meek and hapless that it seemingly took his personality away from him ._. did they get an entire crew change halfway into the game? Not the main actors, but everyone else - the sidekicks, the writers, the editing team, etc. There was consistency in the good first half, and consistency in the poorly done second half, but no linking bridge in between. 

It was overall tugging my heartstrings in the opposite direction than it once used to. In the beginning, I really couldn't wait for the next episode to come on, but after a while it just got dreadful T___T I just watched the last episode about 20mins ago, and right now, I feel sad for all that could have been.