End of Week 10 / Beginning of Week 11

Omg I am freaking myself out with the double-digit week numbers. It's that time of the semester to start fretting over overlapping due dates of submissions and the upcoming finals, and of course procrastinators like me would be dying to get out of this mess I landed myself in. I came up with a new scheme to make sure I get my priorities right. Please remind me to stick by it. 

Also, I started to look for an internship. It's best I get down to doing this at least once before I graduate. So yup, wish me luck in my interviews! :D apologies to all those people whom I agreed to travel with during the Christmas / New Year season. I'll still go if I don't manage to get an internship, but I think I would prioritise working over travelling for just this once.

I have nothing else to update right now, since I'm almost hitting the panic button with all the deadlines. I'll also go on a blogging hiatus soon, like maybe right after this, so posts will be pretty sparse until after the end of the exams.

Toodles, until I step out of my shell x