How Weekends Should Be

Many thanks to jasmine for inviting me out to a whole day of fun playful times ^___^ currently, outings are limited to catching up over a meal and parting ways after that because Y3 is tough like that. I haven't been out an entire day like this in so long. I really miss the carefree days where I did what I wanted to without even thinking too hard about it.

In exchange for the a free lunch and two tries at escape room, we had to begin our day by sitting through the election of Seng Kang CC YEC. It was really pointless, since there were 25 sits and 19 candidates, so it was basically a walkover =.= but half-an-hour of my time in exchange for what was to come was not too bad a deal.

So after the (non-)election and a catered buffet lunch, we left the CC on a chartered bus and headed for Roomraider at Orchard Central. Escape room was supposed to last only for one round, and then there was supposed to be team-building games after that, but because so many people were unwilling to play team-building games and left after the first round, the staff at Roomraider decided to scrape the team-building component and just let the remaining few of us go for a second round in the rooms instead. In the end, I played Neon-Green and some spaceship game.

Neon-Green was supposedly the hardest room, and I think we were a little overconfident about our abilities because we passed through the first two doors with ease. Then we got stuck at the third stage until the time was up D: the spaceship room was really cool because the rooms were decorated to make it seem as if we were in outer space, with starlights and all those kinds of CG effects. It wasn't really as fun as Neon-Green though, cos the immediacy effect kicked in when the level of challenge fell. Jas' friends were impressed by the spaceship room though, since they played one of the easier rooms for their first round. 

Unfortunately, after this escape room experience, I have to declare that I have played escape room four times, with zero successes D:
Please excuse the hair, but what an apt picture this is in describing my current state ._.

After that, we headed for desserts (chocolate brownie bingsu!) and smuggled makisan into the karaoke and sang for 3hrs while having dinner. By the time it all ended, I had been out of the house for over 12hrs. It's the longest since the beginning of this sem. It's really sad, isn't it.

I'm undergoing withdrawal symptoms today because of the karaoke. I used to sing 2-3 times per week when I was in Beijing. I didn't think much of not singing when I got home, but now that I have spent three hours in a karaoke, I suddenly need to sing again badly >.<

Also, I'm feeling the effects of being photoshop-less. Suddenly, all my pictures don't seem to make the cut /: