Additional Language Function


Learning and remembering a language is very much predicated on its continual and frequent use. Unfortunately, at this rate and in this environment, I think my neurones for the Mandarin and French part of my brain are going to forget how to fire synapses very soon. So just to flex the muscles around that area of the brain, I have decided to add a paragraph of summary at the end of every post in both Mandarin and French from now on. It won't be a translation of the entire thing, since I'd probably end up taking more than three times the amount of time writing every post due to my poor language skills, and I ain't got time for that. Also, even though I'm not a linguistics major, I understand that there are many structural difficulties in translation, such as sentence formation and connotation differences. No two sentences of different languages will be read the same way even if it means the exact same thing technically. I hope I can persevere and keep this up for at least the next one month, since even finishing up the last paragraph of this post was unbearably painful.

Anw, those who have read the English version don't have to go on reading, since any new information will be kept to a minimum. But for those who choose to continue, please do help point out my errors or show me new vocabulary that a non-native speaker would not be exposed to!




Si je ne pratique pas le français, je suis sûre que j'oublierai tout. Donc j'ai décidé de faire une paragraphe de sommaire en français à la fin de chaque article. Ce serait un grande challenge pour moi, et il y aurait beaucoup des erreurs. Mais je souhaiterait que tout le monde m'aide de faire les corrections. Merci d'avance!