Christmas 2015

After Clique Christmas, I got to rest for a day before having back-to-back Christmas parties since Christmas Eve. I guess that kind of makes up for missing out on Christmas last year. But then again, sometimes I cherish the quiet too. 

On Christmas Day, I had a boisterous dinner with my maternal first relatives. There was salad, turkey and ham, and even truffle pasta. By truffle pasta, I mean aglio olio pasta with sliced truffle on it, and not pasta cooked in truffle oil. I even sent a photo of it to jas from my phone just to make her jealous. But really, truffle does not look pretty in pictures, and it doesn't make it any better that it looks like black salami after being sliced. 

Boxing Day was mostly spent lazing around until it was time to meet the 三加一 guys for dinner. A big thanks to Lionel for driving us from the train station and round and round and then back to the station again ^___^
We had originally planned to go to Chomp Chomp, but it was too crowded to get a seat. So we ended up at a nearby Indian food place where we got chased back to our seats when we tried to place our order T___T the way that place functions really renders me speechless, and clueless too. 

Then we went for two rounds of desserts, once at Nun Song Yee, which I think the guys didn't really appreciate, and then for durian mousse at 一碗甜品. I finally put a spoon of that durian mousse into my mouth after so many years omg. I am totally regretting it now. Why did I even bother to try D:

Finally, the day's highlight was the Christmas gift exchange! Somehow or another, we ended up passing the presents in an anti-clockwise fashion unplanned o: it was probably fated that we sat in that manner. I hope zy likes the gift I got (:

In less than nine hours, I'll be off on the plane headed for Indonesia. I'm really living it out while I can now, and I truly cherish every moment I spend with all these people whom I dearly care for (':

Merry Christmas all.





Cette Noël, je suis très occupé. La veille de Noël, j’ai mangé dans un restaurant de l’hôtel Furama, et après j’ai fait du shopping pour les cadeaux de mes cousins avec ma maman. Noël soirée, il y avait une fête avec mes cousins germains maternelles. Cette soirée, j’ai mangé le dîner avec quelques copains, et demain, j’irai en Indonésie pour une semaine. Quelques fois, je pense que c’est bon d’avoir beaucoup de chose de faire, et quelques fois, c’est trop fatigué. Mais maintenant, je veux le savourer.

Joyeux Noël.