Clique Christmas 2015

It's alr such a pity there's only three of us left for the last meet-up of the year. And yet the greater pity comes from choosing the wrong dinner place and a lack of festivities. Basically, our topics revolved around results and our upcoming exchange rather than of Christmas and the new year. Also, not understanding hj for at least half the conversation took up quite a bit of time.

I met Christine early to do a video, but failed since she didn't want to be caught on film ): so we ended up wandering around like lost sheep and taking up seats at macs for an hour while waiting for hj to arrive after work.

Dinner was at Saveur in Purvis Street, because we didn't want to go to Far East while Orchard Road is collapsing. This was a very bad decision, because it tastes nothing like the original outlet D: hj was probably the only one who enjoyed her meal, while me and Christine were feeling the disappointment from our expectations. I didn't even finish my salmon confit, cos I'm not even sure if they smoked it or served it raw. I also suspect the homemade iced lemon tea is a spin-off BreadTalk's homemade soy milk. Maybe people who don't drink tea often can't tell, but I drink tea every . single . day and I even mix my own teas from tea leaves and I can obviously taste the syrup in it.

So then hungry-me-who-did-not-finish-dinner decided that we had to have more filling desserts, rather than just ice-cream, which was my original plan. So we had waffle ice-cream :D


没有礼物、没有圣诞歌、没有火鸡,什么都没有的圣诞节太没感觉了。再加上多么令人失望的一餐,这怎能算得上是圣诞节快乐呢 D: 不过,这也是我们一起庆祝的第九个圣诞了。时间总是一眨眼就过去了,但还好有她们陪我一起走过。虽然今天晚上没有什么特别节目,但还是像平时那样也好,至少我们还可以这样聚在一起用餐。明年我们会有一段时间不在同一个国家。我们各自会在新加坡、瑞典、日本、德国、中国。这还是我们第一次没有至少两个人在同一个地方。我会很想 很想 很想你们的!


C’est le dernier dîner de l’année pour Clique ce nuit. Nous avons décidé de fêter Noël et le nouvel an en même temps. Malheureusement, le dîner ne semblait pas du tout un dîner pour fêter Noël ou pour fêter le nouvel an. Nous n’aimions pas le repas parce que la nourriture était bizarre, et nous n’avions pas de cadeaux. C’est un bon dîner quand même, parce que nous sommes ensemble.