End of Year 3 Sem 1

Orchard Road Christmas Lighting

And thus begins my extremely long winter break followed by a semester exchange to Shanghai. I am kind of regretting my decision to have not put down Korea as one of my options when I was asked to rank my options a second time, cos jas is going to Korea D: I would have gone together with her if I had known that earlier, but oh well. Shanghai will be great nonetheless ^_^ I think I'm really coming to terms with going to Shanghai alr, since there really isn't much I can do about anything now anw, except to cancel the exchange, which I will not do.

But before everything else, Christmas is coming! :D My Christmas can't be compared to that in the Netherlands, but I'll still make the most of what I can, since it's the first time in two years I've actually got a Christmas to speak of. This time last year I probably was at the hospital for one of my pre-op checkups, or trying to get all the stuff I needed to do out of the way before I went MIA for the next couple of weeks.

Jaw surgery, Chingay 2015, summer school, the beginning of Year 3, job search... I can't really remember the details now, but I've really grown up much this year.