National Gallery + Gardens by the Bay

Throughout the week, I have cleaned my room, got a new laptop that's lighter than an iPad, and mostly spent time hanging around Orchard. Ytd, though tiring, was a much welcomed change to my usual lounging around routine. 

I met ade in the aftnn to see the new National Gallery. Why rush to see it during the opening week when it's free for all Singaporeans even after the hype is over? The last time I was there was for Binnale 2008, and the City Hall and Supreme Court were not yet connected. The Binnale exhibit was about how govt institutions were the source of all corruption and evil, and it was pretty interesting how they used the space to portray that idea. This time, the interior was mostly changed, save for the pillars and columns that hold the building in place. It was more of a remodelling of the area rather than using the original decor to convey ideas. But there were still a few rooms that preserved its old look, so that was pretty interesting.

In the evening, I met S Club for dinner before heading to Gardens by the Bay to view the Christmas lights. As expected, it was really pretty, but really humid too >.< seriously, what is wrong with the weather at 9pm at night? Anyhow, it was nice to spend time with the Club after being separated for the whole semester. I hope we get to see each other again soon, before I head off to exchange!