End of Internship

So here I am, at the end of my internship with Script. I was so touched to receive my cheque that I even took a photo of it heh. Initially, we were all supposed to go out for a company farewell lunch together, but somehow that did not work out, and we will be going for lunch this coming week instead. Fortunately, amanda and hj reminded me to get a cake for my colleagues, which I guess made up for the postponed lunch? Otherwise I would really have had a sad last day. 

Even though internship ended, I still cannot seem to have a proper rest. Our family has been going CNY shopping the entire weekend (and the entire last weekend as well). This week, I will be caught up with all the visa and packing and stuff, and then it will be CNY, followed by the Airshow, and I will be leaving for Shanghai the very next day. I cannot seem to catch my breath. But I guess I am not the kind to just sit around, so being busy is a good thing, or I would be too bored.




Vendredi, c'est le fin de mon stage. Je suis un peu de triste, mais je suis aussi reconnaissant pour tout. Je serai très occupé en février, c'est bien pour moi. Si non, oppa me manquera beaucoup.