Script Internship: Week 1


So there it is! I've completed my first week of my first internship ever! :D I would love to argue that I've done more internships than just this, but that's just being delusional. The few times I've been to a law firm and stuff like that usually lasted for only about week, and were more of a job-shadowing where I follow my mentor around rather than actually get work done. I do stuff for Ryca too, but it is more or less adhoc, and I can usually finish the stuff my dad assigns to me within the day. Like I'll help proofread something, or supervise some cargo etc. I help when I can, but it never interferes with my own schedule.

Then there was that time that I worked at Courex for a month. Working from 14 Jan to 14 Feb sounds pretty good on paper, and I truly was highly productive while I was there, but the keyword is while I was there. I came in late and knocked-off early and went to work only four days a week, so I could have Friday off to do my own stuff (read: sleep in, hang out with people, watch drama.) Count in the CNY holiday and stuff like that, I essentially worked for something like 12 days. In defence of myself, I have to say that I really was productive while I was working. I did all the stuff I had to do, and even helped a part-timer do her stuff as well. I think even to this day, she still thinks that I am just another part-timer who needed a job post-As, like herself. She's probably never figured out why I get so many benefits being late and leaving early and getting days off as I wish.

Over the past week, I've learnt to be grateful for the fact that I write about my life on this blog. It is a subject that only I and I myself can be an expert in. While researching for things I can write about content marketing for the Script blog, I found that there have been so many articles by so many experts that there is nothing left for me to write on. Unless, of course, I go out into the field and do my own research and interviews. But I have so little background in this to start with, I won't be able to generate good questions or topics to discover, and I am such an armchair theorist that I just sit in the office pouring over the primary and secondary sources and hope that I magically make some analysis to come up with that tertiary source to publish. Maybe that's why people write about themselves so much. They have problems being experts in other stuff.

Other than that, all is well. I come late and go home early, have long lunch breaks, and everyone is nice. All the horror stories that I've heard about internships now seem to be other people's exceptional experiences to me.




C'est le fin de la première semaine de mon stage, et il était une très bon expérience pour moi. C'est pas comme les l'histoires d'horreur que mes amies m'ont dit. En fait, j'arrive tard et je rentre tôt et j'ai deux heures pour manger le déjeuner. Tout est bien!