The last week has been so tiring, with work, outings and CNY shopping all trying to squeeze themselves into a measly seven days. I have been meaning to blog, but each time I get home, I see my bed beckoning me, and then it is either nap time or sleepy time ._. but I unexpectedly got half a day off today cos I forgot to bring my laptop charger and my com died right before we decided to go for lunch.

On thurs, we celebrated Amanda's return from Sweden at the Korean BBQ restaurant we had for TYF some years back. 
They have a confusing menu, and even withheld information, but in the end it sort of worked out, so I guess that was okay. In the end, good food reigns over mediocre service. I also bought a carrot cake for Amanda and hj's birthdays from Baker & Cook, and it was superb! There was so much nuts and berries in it was really rich and good :D

On fri, me and ade went to the Singapore Arts Museum for an Art Week activity. It was good that we chose SAM finally, cos if we stuck to the original plan of Gillman Barracks, we would have been caught in the downpour with nowhere to hide.

Finally, to close off the week on sun, we brought Wenjing to soak in the CNY atmosphere at Chinatown. I had wanted to go attend the Nat Geo talk by Brian Skerry, but then the tix were all sold out T___T I hope I'm never too indecisive ever again, cos I'm regretting not buying the tix earlier now.




J'étais trop fatiguée de bloguer la semaine dernière. J'avais beaucoup de chose de faire à mon travail et pour le nouvel an Chinois. Mais c'est la dernière semaine de mon stage, et je veux le faire bien.