Week of Birthdays

How coincidental it must be to have three people I know celebrating their bdays this week. Arguably, it must be more coincidental that my class when I was in P6 had three people born on Christmas Eve. Or, to have three people in my family having consecutive bdays. But no matter, since it was still a pretty packed week.

Jan 12: Amanda
I know we always celebrate hers with hj's, but it's a first to be so far apart from her on her special day. I can't complain though, cos I'm the one that always disappears overseas for my birthday. And then I always get surprised because clique has to come up with a separate birthday plan for me ❤️ what I'm truly upset about is actually my postcard. I told Amanda to send me one before she left, and then I reminded her a few days before she was supposed to come back, but guess who never read my messages T___T

Jan 13: Lee Seunggi
My new favourite oppa celebrated his birthday on Wednesday! He's 30 now by Korean age, which is a rather similar age system to ancient Chinese age, which simply means it's always over-counting. I'm not familiar with how old I am in either the Chinese or Korean calendar, but I still like to think of myself as young and forever 21. Anw, oppa is going to enlist this year, but don't worry, I won't forget you >.<

Jan 15: Zhang Yao
We actually celebrated it on Jan 14 instead, since the bday boy was busy ytd. We went on a spontaneous trip to the karaoke, and sang for three hours. There was no cake, and no special plans, but I'm still glad we still had a small get-together. Cos zy's bday is also the day we met, so it also happened to be our 5th anniversary of knowing each other! 双喜临门 YAYEE!




Cette semaine, il y a trois personnes dans ma vie qui passaient leurs anniversaires. Quelle coïncidence! Je suis très fatigué parce que j'ai dû penser de leurs anniversaires pendant que je travaillais. Mais je suis heureux de passer les temps avec mes amis.