Extremely Hectic for Two Weeks

Last week I was at the Singapore Air Show from Tuesday to Sunday, and at night I attended the Clique TYF and the dinner for suppliers on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Coincidentally, both dinners were in RWS Equarius Hotel. Clique TYF was at Sam Leong's Forest Restaurant, and the company dinner was at SEA Aquarium's Ocean Restaurant.

On Monday, I woke up early to take a taxi to the airport, and I would like to give special mention to hj for turning up at the airport and being the only person to send me off at 7am in the morning. Even my parents didn't come, cos the car was making noise, and I didn't want to risk a breakdown on the way to the airport.

In Shanghai, I met my roommate, did my groceries, and attended school briefings and registration activities for the first three days. I didn't travel at all. Except for when I went to Alliance Française de Shanghai on Tuesday evening only to find out that it is next to the Bund.

We finally went to 豫园 today to see the end of the lantern display. And eat xlb omg. And also the Bund.

I promise a better post when I recover from my fatigue. Or maybe I'll never recover if I continue to be pack my days like that.