Jewellery Travel Roll

The jewellery travel roll is one of those things that I always say I am going to buy, but do not actually get into the act of buying it, cos there is no use for a travel roll when I have jewellery boxes at home which display everything so that I can see them all beautifully at a glance. Even when I go on trips, I usually plan what accessories to go with my clothes, so I don't bring more than 15 pieces altogether. But now that I am going to Shanghai, and will be bringing clothes enough for three seasons, and can't even plan what clothes I will buy there, I had a hard time deciding what accessories to bring. I managed to cut out more than half of my collection alr, but throwing them all in one box together will still result in a major entanglement. So I decided to get a travel roll. 

As I was looking up Etsy, I realised that no one had a travel roll that suited my needs. To be fair, they were all really pretty, and I would like to buy them all if I weren't leaving in less than ten days, but right now, I need to solve a problem. The problem? I needed one which had slots for earrings, hairties, bracelets, rings, necklaces etc. But most of them sold online have only slots for earrings and necklaces, or bracelets and rings, or some combination of the above, but did not cater for everything. So when people can't give me what I want, I just have to do it myself. 

The good thing is that I made a compartment for just about every type of thing I needed. But it was still too small for the less than half of my collection that I had originally filtered out for bringing along with me. So then I filtered it again, and what is left is above. My dad says I'm going to a fashion show instead of exchange.

For those who actually noticed, there is no thread on my travel roll. That's cos I couldn't wrap my head around how to use the sewing machine, and gave up after a few tries. The whole thing is now held together with glue. 

I had originally wanted a green colour scheme with foliage patterns on the outside cos I really really liked the colour of this one;
Unfortunately, Spotlight didn't sell green-coloured fabric in packages, so I settled for the above three pieces of brown fabric which were 50cm x 50cm each and only less than $10 in a pack! It would have been such a bother if I went to choose each piece of fabric separately, cos then I would have to buy a minimum of 1m each. What would I do with all that unused fabric? And I probably would have a hard time parting with the money knowing fully well that this would probably be the last time I actually use that travel roll.

When I get back, I am going to look hard for a good roll and stop wasting time hoping that I would chance upon a good one and buy it before my next travel. When the next travel comes along, it would all be too late.


前几天我发现这一次我真的需要一个放首饰的包了。可是等到有需要的时候才去找一个合适的,就已经太迟了。我已经来不及慢慢挑选,也没办法找一个人订做,因为时间太紧促了。所以我也只好亲手做 DIY。等我从上海回来,我一定会在第一时间努力地找一个漂亮的,不再拖拖拉拉了。


C'est ma dernière semaine à Singapour. Quand je commençais de faire ma valise, j'ai réalisé que je n'aie pas de sac pour mes accessoires. C'est trop tard pour trouver un bon sac, mais aussi trop tard pour le personnaliser à un magasin d'Etsy. Donc j'ai décidé de faire le sac du bricolage.