Lunar New Year 2016

Calling it Lunar New Year instead of Chinese New Year has become the thing now, hasn't it? Not only its name, but how I get through it has also somehow changed over the years. Previously, we would spend 除夕 at my uncle's place having steamboat, but in recent years, it has shifted to our house, and this year, we even included a barbecue just for the fun of it. I have also become less adverse towards my distant relatives, and begun to embrace them for who they are. I would like to think that I have grown up inside (: in fact, the number of relatives I have have also gradually increased, what with my aunts and uncles and cousins getting married and having their own kids. 

But there are also the things which remain the same, year after year. The number of places I have to visit each year has not diminished, and the order in which they are visited or the activities we do at each house is still the same routine. Like there will always be a 初一 family photoshoot and 初二 mahjong table at my maternal grandparents' house.


又过了一年了。我在此恭祝大家新年快乐 万事如意 年年有余!



Hier, c'est la fête du nouvel an chinois. La fête dure 15 jours, mais il y a seulment 2 jours fériés à Singapour. En Chine, c'est plus longue. C'est la même routine tous les années, mais je sentais que quelque chose changeais cette année. Peut-être c'est moi, et peut-être c'est ma famille et mes proches. Je ne suis pas sûre, mais en tout cas, j'aime ce sentiment.