Musing Aloud: An Introduction

Just like how Sijia wants to write a photo magazine, I have always wanted to make a video about people and how they go about their lives, kind of like a documentary of daily musings. Or visual ethnographic groundbreaker Chronique d'un Été, Paris 1960 (1961). So with a little encouragement and support from Sijia, I finally started working on it last Dec.

The video that I always dreamt about would be about 15-30mins long, on a certain (as yet undecided) topic. But ever since I began to think about the video in detail, I kind of felt that it would be difficult to have everyone share their stories on the same thing, because different people have different interests. And moreover, that video will take a super long time to complete, especially when I think back on the time we spent figuring out our 5min IDMI video. So I decided instead to make short clips about the stories people want to tell about themselves.

It's a little like Humans of New York, but what I really want to show is that there are many facets to an individual's life, and not everything is as it seems. Even my closest friends have things they don't tell me; it's not that they're unwilling to share, but simply because I've never asked and they've never thought I was interested to know. Isn't that why we are always finding out new things about even our oldest friends? So I took this as a chance to ask the most random of questions, and learn more about my own friends.

Basically, the plan was that I film an interview with the featured person or people on any topic of their choice. And then I edit it into a clip. The format is non-existent a work in progress, and I'll figure it out over time as the project finds it footing, assuming that I actually come back to continue with this sometime in the future. So far, I have only two completed videos, and I decided to stop here since I'll be super busy this month, and then going on exchange right after that.

Creating these films has been a really enriching experience for me, from learning where to place the camera to how to edit videos etc. It was a steep learning curve but my thought processes streamlined along the way, making the second clip much easier to handle and process. I really respect film directors now. Sijia, it's amazing that film comes to you naturally. But still, do well in design ya!

Those who have been awaiting the publishing of this project, I'm sorry but this is only an introduction. Look out for the actual clips tmr and the day after!