Shanghai 2016: 田子坊 & 新天地

It was a tough morning not knowing what to do and with nowhere to go with all the last minute cancellations, but mel convinced me to go to 田子坊, and I really have to thank her for that. Because it was one truly awesome outing.

I met Joey on the way out of the dorm, and he decided to go along with me. He really is a nice and easy-going guy. The first thing we did upon arriving was to have lunch. It was one of the better meals I've had in Shanghai thus far. Most meals here are soaked in oil and MSG, but this one was much cleaner and easier to stomach. Although the 红烧肉 didn't melt in the mouth like the one at Forest Restaurant, it is actually really good, considering that it was less than ¥30 even for such a big serving. 

Within 15mins of finishing lunch, we went to have 豆浆 at a shop near the entrance of the metro station, where we met Constance, who was really helpful with all her tips and guidelines on how to get about daily living in Shanghai, and also how to get to meet locals. The 咸豆浆 I had was really intriguing, seeing how we don't have that kind of soycurd combinations in sg. It's just a pity that they had added chili oil in it, otherwise I'd have finished my food. But their 油条 was the highlight. It was light and chewy, unlike the hard and oily ones we get in sg. 

After meeting with Constance, we walked towards 新天地 but somehow ended up in 淮海中路. A little more aimless walking took us to this food street selling mutton steamboat store after store. Guided by our sgrean instincts, we chose a restaurant with lots of people, and then even invented XO Mutton Steamboat by pouring our Tsingtao beer into it. It was really nice, but I'm wondering if I might get a stomachache tmr from eating from a roadside stall which obviously failed hygiene regulations from a sgrean perspective. 

So the above is my story of how we had 3 good meals in under 5 hours.