Hangzhou 2016

Once again, I fast forward the entire week to the weekend, where I took a trip to Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a place that I do not mind going back again in the super immediate future, like even next month. Even though it is crowded, just like every other part of China. But once I see past the people, the natural and ancient sites are just wonderfully beautiful and they bring a kind of calm to the soul. I just hope the next time I go, it is on a weekday, where I do not have to jostle with the crowds, and I can just be one with the surroundings.

Me and Jiayun were in charge of the planning for Hangzhou, and it was not exactly the best plan ever, since we kept getting stuck at the hotel part, from not having enough rooms, to cancelling our hotel due to bad reviews, etc. We finally got one which cost way more than we expected, though we only found out when we were there, so we could not do much about it, but just to pay for it and stay there. But it was really a good hotel, and I feel that it was well worth every cent more than the other hotels;

Food was good as well, since we intended for this to be a food trip. Although we only made it to one of the restaurants we researched on, but it just happened that all the restaurants we visited turned out to be good ones too ^_^

Every part of 杭州西湖 was amazing. It's so much better than Shanghai or Nanjing or Beijing. That's every part of China I have been to except for 昆明. But I will not compare it with Kunming cos that was a China from six years ago.