Nanjing 2016

Even though I did plenty throughout the week, I shall skip all that and fastforward to the weekend trip we took to Nanjing. Hui Hsien, Jia Hui, Jia Yun and Lay Ping went ahead on Friday morning without me, since I had lessons until late in the aftnn. Although lessons ended early, I was unable to get on a train until 7.50pm, so I spent about 2hrs just stoning in the train station. I also spoke to a girl taking the same train as me, and who was on her way home for the weekend. When I finally got to the hotel late at night, I took a bath and went straight to bed.

Honestly, Nanjing didn't feel that much different from Shanghai, except for the fact that we had more fast food within this weekend than the whole month put together. We had KFC, Pizza Hut and Macs for all but two meals. And we spent a lot of time wrapping our head around the fact that Macs sells chicken wings, but KFC does not. And KFC sells McFlurry. What is the world coming to?

Day 1
We walked around some 景区, and visited Soong May-Ling's Summer Home 美龄宫 and Dr Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum 中山陵. Despite being sisters, Soong May-Ling and Soong Ching-Ling really have different styles, as evidenced from the way they did their house. At night, we went to the 秦淮河 riverside for some souvenirs after a good dinner at 南京大排档.

Day 2
We visited the Nanking Massacre Museum 侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆, which I absolutely loved. I am not a sadist, but the museum was really well done, and it hit me hard. I really wanted to speak with a Japanese family who was there too, to ask them about how they felt about it, especially since this is a part of history not told to the people in Japan. Too bad I speak no Japanese.

Then it was time to return to Shanghai. But everyone else was heading back to Shanghai to start the workweek too. The earliest train we could get was at 4pm, with no seats. So we ended up seating on the floor of an open space in the train, while other people with 无座 tix crowded around us.