Shanghai 2016: Fieldtrips

I went on two fieldtrips this week, of which one was not my class. I just crashed the class for one lesson cos they were going fieldtrippin'.

On Thursday, the class that I did not belong to went to the Shanghai Urban Development Museum. I had plans to go to that museum, so since they were going, I thought it wouldn't hurt to go along. The miniature model of Shanghai there was amazing, and the daytime and the nighttime effects was really something to see. URA should learn from them. After that, we went to the Shanghai Museum as well, to look at all the old Chinese stuff, which was really cool. It was a pity we could not spend a long time there, since it was nearing the hour of closing. At night, we went for an impromptu Restaurant Week at 老码头, which was a beautiful place which we could never guess just by looking from the outside. 

Friday, it was my class' fieldtrip to 田子坊. It was a really different experience from the time I went with Joey, cos the prof brought us to all the places I never got to see, and gave us a pretty good tour and explanation of the area. He said many things about the life of the people in that area, which is even better than going by ourselves or going with a tour guide, cos his analysis was so sociological in nature. Then drinks at night with two Americans before returning to dorm for a good night's sleep.