Shanghai 2016: M50 Creative Park

Art that is pleasing to the eye is more impt than art which I understand. I like pretty things even if I don't comprehend. Of course, bonus if I can understand the work too. But some really powerful messages have really grosteque portrayal, and even if I understand it, I don't really want to look at it. Like contemporary art of the body. Or even Van Gogh and Picasso. Even though I understand cubism, I don't really like that style.

With that as a background, I think people will understand why I like the Polar Bear Gallery and the Island6 Gallery more than the other galleries in the M50 Creative Park. There were many other galleries which stirred emotionally, and which I liked as well, but those two were still the favourites.

Since it was an outing alone, I took my time to stroll through the different galleries and to enjoy the pieces of art in the calm. I think I covered about half the place in the 2hrs I was there. Cafés in the M50 area were also all very pretty. Most were designed with rustic spaciousness, and cos of the quiet area they felt like a very good place for an afternoon tea. I had my lunch in Traveled Coffee & Tea, and I liked the ambience. Oh manz, now I want to try every single café there ):