Shanghai 2016: The Start of School

A lot of things have happened since I went to the M50 Creative Park, but I was battling wifi and VPN problems every single day, it was so difficult to even log in to my own blog to post an update. But since I finally got it figured out, I hope that it will at least last for the next 2hrs while I download all my school materials. 

The day after M50, I had lessons for the whole day, from 10am to 8pm, so there wasn't much to talk about. But I did attend one class that I felt was really interesting, called The Theory of Happiness 幸福心理学 and I am planning to crash that class for as often as I can make it. I won't take that class cos of the assignment though.

The next day, me and Hui Hsien met a Korean girl called Haein. It's amazing how all the Korean girls I have met so far have similar names. My roomie is Hyesoo, her friend is Haeni, and this girl is Haein. I think all the Korean girls are really nice, and I think I have an absolutely amazing roomie. All the worries I had before I came was totally unfounded. I am so thankful for her.

After coffee with Haein, me and Hui Hsien met a Greek girl to go to the Harry Potter exhibition with. Hui Hsien and Katerina were really excited. As a non-fan, I have to say, I was really impressed with how detailed the exhibition was. It really was very well done, and this may have brought me one step closer to maybe finding out what Harry Potter is all about.

Friday, I had classes again, but this time, I ended at 4pm, and we went to watch the musical 上海滩. Most of us spent the whole musical laughing. Cos it was so cheesy and so predictable. And the directional cues were so not subtle. But for ¥80, it was money well spent. 

Saturday, we had an ice-breaking session with the other exchange students, which I think was pretty fun despite all the missing buddies. The admin was not at all well organised, but the event itself was carried out very well. 

Dinner was with all the other Singaporeans in Fudan University, be they full-time students, exchange students from whichever university, or even the NOC people. It was a really meaningful session, since it made me feel like I was not alone with all my VPN and wifi woes. 

Finally, Sunday. Me and Paulette went to Shanghai Restaurant Week in this heritage building called Maison de L'Hui 慧公馆. For ¥128, we had an amazing lunch. 

Following that, we went to the Marriage Market 人民公园相亲角. I had a lot of fun at Paulette's expense, since people kept coming up to her to talk about their son's stats. And Paulette even entertained them. Then we went to the Bund where the fog was so thick we couldn't even see to the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower. I seriously think I am going to get lung cancer soon. Luckily I bought an air purifier for my room. 

The above photos are really bad cos I am too lazy to edit them. Also, lack of photos cos the problematic wifi didn't allow me to upload all the pics I wanted to post. Instagram isn't doing too well too. I feel like dying.