FUSSA 春游 2016: 三清山

三清山 is the first mountain I conquered in China! :D even though we did not manage to reach the summit nor watch the sunrise or the sunset due to the bad weather, we did get to one of the mini peaks and we got to see the mountain forms shrouded in mist, which was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking (literally, due to the thin oxygen layer.) 

I would not say it was an easy climb, cos mountainous areas in China are nothing like their European counterparts which I am more familiar with. In fact, the Chinese have built stairways on every part of their mountain, there is a standard path to follow, so we had no choice but to jostle and be pushed around by uncivilised Chinese people who spit wherever they wish, talk extremely loudly so as to cover out the wonderful sounds of nature, and who do not take care of the conditions of the toilets T___T also, jiahui threw up even before the main leg of the journey started, due to a lack of breath.

Nonetheless, it was a great journey with FUSSA. I think travelling with sgeans are still the best. At least we get each other and have similar habits, and have the same civilisation and toilet problems. And it felt great when we pushed and cheered each other on when we got tired, and helped each other out along the way. And completed our journey together (': I am really thankful. What would I have done without all these people.