Shanghai 2016: 清明 Feasting Weekend

While the govt gave most people the Monday off to go home and 扫墓, my qingming long weekend lasted from Friday evening all the way until Tuesday, since Tuesday had been my free day all along (: so once again, I present my weekend updates, bypassing all that happened during the weekdays.

Since we decided not to leave Shanghai cos of the China holiday crowd, I decided to use the time to catch up on all the work I have not even started. And what better way to do that than cafe-hopping. So I googled some expat blogs, and then found some pretty cafes hidden in the little lanes of Shanghai. A big thank you to all the expats who have contributed to my wonderful hours of being delusional, believing that I am outside of China and back to civilisation, even if it only lasted for awhile.

Friday Dinner: Pancake Day @ 大学路
It is not cute to name a restaurant after a dish the chef cannot get right. Nope, no good.

Saturday Breakfast: Seesaw Cafe
There are many outlets of this cafe around Shanghai, but I wanted to go to the original outlet, which was hidden deep inside the 静安 area. It was really beautiful, really quiet, and really a lot of foreigners. They blend their own coffee beans over there, and it was absolutely good coffee.

Saturday Lunch
I forgot what the name of this place was, heh. But it was not that great anw. The apple vinaigrette was a little diluted, and tasted like it probably contained no apple.

Saturday Dinner: 釜山火炉
It was jiahui's bday! So we let her choose what she wanted to eat for dinner, and we ended up at some Korean BBQ recommended by Boon Kee. It was not too bad, but I miss my Korean BBQ with the Korean chef HAHA. But yayee for the successful bday surprise cos jiahui did not know we bought her a cake \(^_^)/

Sunday Breakfast: On Air Cafe
This was another cafe hidden in the middle of the downtown, and also frequented more often by foreigners than locals. The place itself had an amazing view overlooking Sun Yat-sen's garden, which kept the view green as we worked.

Sunday Lunch: 丽蕾日本料理
All I can say for this is wow, just wow. The fish were fresh, and the proportions were good. And, cheap.

Sunday Dinner: Johnny Rockets Burger
The picture in the menu looked really different from what was actually served, and not in a good way. But there was a dance item put up by the waiting staff during the meal, so it was pretty fun.

Monday Lunch: Emmett Cafe @ 大学路
I returned to 大学路 on Monday, cos I had to meet my group mate for a proj. My laziness kicked in as well, and I didn't want to travel far since I had alr been travelling in the last two days. I liked their pasta, and their playlist too.

Monday Dinner: Blue Frog 蓝蛙 @ 大宁国际广场
Boon Kee told us that they had one-for-one burgers every Monday! And this burger was way bigger and looked more like the picture in the menu than the one we had the day before. Coincidentally, my roomie went to have burger at Blue Frog as well, although we were at two different outlets ):

Monday Supper @ 大学路

After we got back from dinner, I met joey for a night walk, and then we had steamboat for supper at a store along the road. Unfortunately, it was not as good as the mutton steamboat we had when we went to 田子坊 and 新天地.

Tuesday Lunch: 大茴香
This place served authentic Vietnamese food! Or at least as authentic as things in China can get /: It was introduced to me by the Singaporean aunties whom I played badminton with in the morn. I really feel grateful for them, cos they take such care of me, and are just like my moms in another land. Most of them have children my age as well, and some are students at NUS too. It's only a problem cos the expats estate is really far from school, and I had to wake up really early in the morn to travel to their area ):