Shanghai 2016: Power Station of Art 上海当代艺术博物馆

Le Corbusier out, Bernard Tschumi in. 
That's probably the one most impt thing I got out of this museum visit. I love spaces and the study of the use of it, but I guess most people alr know that. I used to adore Le Corbusier. Now, I still do, but since I got to know Bernard Tschumi today, I decided that I love Le Corbusier maybe a little less than before.

I really really enjoyed the Bernard Tschumi exhibition. I can always appreciate good art when I see one, but this was one of those rare exhibitions that made me shiver and feel small standing next to the works of a grand artist. It was so much more than just a piece to look at. I could have spent more than just the 45mins+ I was there just staring at his masterpieces and trying to comprehend them; it was such a pity that I had to go back to the dorm to meet my groupmates for a proj due tmr ): 

But I will be sure to google for some of his works, and maybe buy a book or two of his, and also download a few documentaries on him.