Suzhou 2016

Ever since I started living in China, I have begun to realise that the everyday chinese people are nothing like the chinese people I have met from all around the world. The average chinese person is loud, rude, pushy and generally uncivilised. Here it is a lawless society, with little notion of right and wrong; whoever is loudest wins. But this understanding was taken to a whole new level when I took a trip to Suzhou during the past weekend. 

It seems like Suzhou has the highest concentration of rude people in all the places in China I have visited thus far. I'm not saying that the people in Suzhou are rude, since I have no way to tell who is from Suzhou and who are from other parts of China. What I am saying is, it just so happened that all the rude people from around China decided to be in Suzhou this weekend while I was there to agitate me. From the person who tried to push me off the bridge into the water without even a simple word of excuse me, to the person who stood behind me and kept imitating whatever I said, to the person who kept kicking my seat on the train, and who kept using his hand to knock into my head and spilt water on my bag without telling me, to the person who came up to us to say in this haughty tone 同学, 大家都是中国人, 你为什么要用英语说话? In the first place, who are you to eavesdrop on what I am saying? Secondly, the freedom of speech clause in social contract allows me to say whatever I want to say, who are to care?

Now I completely understand when my chinese friends tell me that they never seem to be able to live back in China after they have spent time abroad. Because then they realise that civilisation has a whole new meaning than just being in Beijing and Shanghai. Because even Beijing and Shanghai is not civilised. And now I will not disagree with my grandparents when they tell me about the China they remember from 50-60 years ago before they came to Singapore. China has seriously not progressed since 50-60 years ago. 

Despite all the unpleasantness, Suzhou was in fact a really beautiful city with rich history and a well-preserved ancient town, which is unfortunately a little too commercialised right now. 

We stayed in a hot spring resort called 颐舍温泉酒店 in the outskirts of town where it is quiet and away from all the noisy chinese people. The hotel totally lives up to its 5-stars; it was really clean and well-furnished, and had friendly staff. The hot spring tubs were also really relaxing, and we had the most chillax of all the trips we have done so far. I just regret all the rude people I met along the way.