Shanghai 2016: Caution! Crazy Week Ahead

I sent my passport off to the Mongolian Consul in Shanghai to get my visa done for my upcoming trip to Mongolia! \(^_^)/ after so much uncertainty and worry about having to travel to Beijing personally to get the visa done, I am thankful to the guy at the Mongolian Consul for being super helpful and nice. I have a really good impression of Mongolians now, even before I have even stepped into Mongolia (:

And for dinner, we had Ashley Buffet, which is a Korean buffet my Korean roomie recommended. And since Koreans never seem to go wrong with Korean food, it turned out to be a blast! I had originally planned to go with Boon Kee only, but after much dilemma and deliberation, it turned out to be six of us to a table ._. 

I played badminton with the Singaporean expat aunties as per my usual Tuesday morning routine, and then had dinner with Nic at this little cafe in Kerry Centre which was super crowded. Our Singaporean instincts kicked in and we decided to have dinner there. It turned out to be really good, which I guess explains the crowds.

Then we watched an improv comedy in Chinese, but we were not really the kind of great audiences an improv needs, since our Chinese was not as good as the locals, who were much more participative than we were. But it was a good experience nonetheless (:

Class as usual. But then my group decided to redo our proj, which got me stressed out for a bit. I guess I am back on track now, so there's that.

I crashed the Thursday aftnn class' fieldtrip again hehe. The bookstore Prof Yu brought us to was rather quaint and I really liked it. The concept, as explained to us by the owner, is to keep a real bookstore open for a long long time. She defines a real bookstore as a place where the main source of income is from the sale of books, rather than from the sale of coffee or stationery. I think that idea in itself is just wonderful, cos physical books are disappearing, and most bookstores have converted into cafés with reading materials, but what about those who just want to buy a good paperback? This kind of stores with a purpose should spring up more around Shanghai and Singapore and the globe, and continue to share their stories.

The other place we went to was an architect's café, which he used as display for literary works, designer furniture and even to showcase the Shanghai Nostalgia. His idea of heritage conservation is so refreshing, it is impressive. And at the end of his presentation, I finally understood 日常生活中的英雄主义. It is deep, and etching.

Then, dinner. Dinner with Haein was amazing. Seriously, Koreans never go wrong with Korean food. She brought us to a Korean BBQ place which I have been to previously with Jess, but the result of her cooking was way better than that time we two Singaporeans ate there. I need to learn how she cooks Korean BBQ so professionally.

Me and jiahui went to the Propaganda Museum, which was really interesting cos they had many original posters since the Mao era on display. Even though there were many explanations in both English and French, I still feel that the museum only works when people can actually read the Chinese characters on the posters for themselves. Interestingly, there were no display notes written in Chinese. So we had to read the notes in English, and the words on the poster in Chinese.

Then we met up again with jiayun and huihsien to queue for the gelato with the crazy long queue. It turned out to be ice-cream rather than gelato, and is nowhere close to its European counterpart, but I guess it is good ice-cream in Shanghai, so it works. 

Dinner at Fusion, a Malaysian restaurant. They used the kind of utensils we would find back home, but it did not feel as homely as Sambal, cos it was too commercialised, and the waiters and waitresses were all Chinese. At Sambal, the boss came to serve us himself, and that kind of made a difference in the heart. But still, good food. 


After this week of outings, I am going to have to work really hard during the weekend cos I have a presentation, an assignment due and a final exam all on Wednesday! D: and then I'll be a free bird after that! whee~