Shanghai 2016: Da Vinci's Earlier Mona Lisa + Fudan University International Cultural Festival

It has been a super hectic two weeks for me. I really wanted to update on my life, but I just never found the time to, especially when homework and sleep is more impt after coming back from travelling. 

(non-existent) sunrise
I actually went to 黄山 over the weekend, but I decided not to blog about it cos it was raining the entire time I was there, and therefore I cannot rave about the view and sunrise + sunset that everyone talks about after coming back ): I need another trip there to make up for this one, really.

However, I was mindblown on Monday when I went to da Vinci's Earlier Mona Lisa Exhibition. Apparently its world tour has taken it to Singapore previously, but I have no idea why I never heard about it. Despite feeling that it was a highly biased argument, I do have to agree it is super cool stuff. I have no photos though ): Then I went shopping in a mall of high-end Chinese designers, which was really my kind of thing. Except I spent everything in my wallet, including my SGD and had no money left for dinner. And for a moment I regretted bringing along a card that has such low spending limits to China. Then I had steak and lobster bisque. Thanks Nic for the dinner treat ^_^

photos of me unavailable cos i cannot take pictures of myself; photos of me in another person's camera
Tuesday was the Fudan University International Cultural Festival. I woke up bright and early to climb six floors up to cook green bean soup, and seven floors up to cut muah chee. I have to hand it to the seniors for their cooking abilities. I just feel like I was a burden. But maybe I was less a burden when we went on ground to the fair, cos I kind of knew what to do alr, even without instructions being passed out clearly. I really enjoyed my entire day. I kind of feel that events are still my kind of thing and for the first time in a long while, I truly missed being at parade. But oh well, life goes on. I should not be stuck in that chapter of my life forever.

And, just one of the funny things that happened at the Festival. The Singaporean girls were mostly in their Peranakan costumes, including me. Then I saw someone else in a Peranakan costume as well, and began to wonder what was going on, until I was told that is Malaysia's booth T___T