Shanghai 2016: D-10

The time has come to clear my Shanghai bucket list. With only ten days left and all my assignments off the agenda, I am now on a mission to do all those stuff which I have always put off by saying I will do them next time. But there is no more next time. It is now or never. Of course, I could always come back to Shanghai to do those things, but then the feeling would be different; I will no longer be on exchange, and there will be no more international exchange friends. We would all have gone back to a time without each other, to lead our own lives the way it had always been, when this intermission ends. Also, I do not actually think that I want to come back to China in the near future. This one time is more than enough to last.

If I ever come back to Shanghai, the memories will remain in the architecture, in the roads and buildings of this city, but the people who have been and the things that happened here will no longer be there. In leaving this place, I will really miss those little kitties whom I have watched grow up since day one. They will be a part of the memories I cannot relive, but they have etched themselves into my heart, and I will think of them even as they grow into big house cats and every day, I can only hope for their safety and happiness.


Back to happy thoughts. 

On Saturday, I spent useless money again. Initially, I only wanted an eye mask to shield myself from the morning rays pouring in through the window at 5am in the morning T___T but then I saw a cute Zootopia eye mask. And it was next to a cute Zootopia travel pack. And so I ended up buying both of them. But they are cute, and that's all that matters (: Winson laughed when I sent him a picture of the mask cos he says I will look weird wearing them. I hate him. 

Anw, after I bought the eye mask, the sun does not shine right into my face each morning anymore, and the sky is dark until I remove it from my face. That means it works really well, but it also has been causing me to wake up later and later into the day because I cannot tell daylight from nighttime anymore >.< seriously #firstworldproblems.