Shanghai 2016: D-15

It's down to the last 15 days of my four month stay in Shanghai. Where has all that time gone? I remember being so uncomfortable and wishing for time to pass faster in the first few weeks I got here, but now that my exchange is coming to an end, I begin to wonder what I have done all this while.

On Wednesday, I had the roughest day of my Shanghai life. I had a presentation at 10am, an exam at 1pm and an assignment due, all in one day. But then it passed, just like everything in life does. No matter how bad the moment seems, it will be over soon, and then I look back and wonder why I was so stressed back then. 

But why was I so stressed on Wednesday? Cos instead of spending Tuesday evening looking over my notes again, or rehearsing for the presentation, I decided to go to a sharing about the lives of the elderly in Shanghai. Up to this moment, and at least until the release of the grades, I do not regret my decision, cos learning about the experiences of other people is way more interesting than memorising economic facts and figures of China which have been skewed in the perspective of a patriotic Chinese. I really dislike that class cos of the teacher who just makes it sound like every other country has unsound economic policies and are the ones driving China into a corner, and he believes that China and its socialist system is always right. 

Anw, back to my rough day. So after I got back my freedom at 3.30pm, I went out for dinner with boonkee and jiahui for a mini celebration. We went to Pizza Express, which had really good food, and I really wanted to go back again the next day to try more of their dishes which looked so pretty on the menu. Unfortunately, the bad service totally killed my mood D: 

Thursday was christina's last day in Shanghai before she returned to Greece, so me and jiahui spent our aftnn with her, having lunch and getting a manicure;
Christina's departure marks the beginning of the farewell season. Soon, all the people around me would be leaving Shanghai and heading back home, until it is my turn to say goodbye to those who remain here but are also awaiting their flight. I have lived four months with these people, I have laughed with them, cried with them, and experienced life in Shanghai with them. It pains me to think that we have come so far together, and yet our fate ends here, and we may never meet again.

Dinner was yunnan cuisine, and I say yes to 汤圆 in rose syrup;