Shanghai 2016: Shanghai Fringe Festival

Notice: this is probably the last time I can 发文 from Shanghai. Tonight my VPN subscription will expire, and that means starting tmr I will only be able to access 百度 and iQiyi and whatever other China websites from my laptop. Everything else will have to go through my phone, where unstable VPN is free. So this will probably be the last post until one month later when I get back to Singapore, since a desert in Mongolia is probably not the best place to bring my laptop to.


For the art geek in me, this year was a good year to come to Shanghai cos it is the inaugural Shanghai Fringe Festival, held at the most gentrified place of the city, Xintiandi 新天地. I was rather excited to attend the event when jess first told me about it, but the excitement soon died down as I got busy with life in Shanghai. Regardless, I managed to drop by the place tonight on the way back to dorm, both for the event and for dinner. And I am proud to announce that jess came out from the dorm to look for me! :D

Unfortunately, after all that hype, it was not as much of a fringe event as I had expected it to be. From my dinner place, I could see a stage with some Spanish singers and dancers, but I could not see how flamenco is fringe. Maybe it is still new for the Chinese people, but in a site that hosts so many foreigners and returning Chinese from abroad, I am pretty sure they at least know what flamenco is, even if they have not seen it for themselves.

The live painting with music that jess wanted to see was the second disappointment. I had expected them to engineer sounds out of the painting process, but the sounds and the painting were conducted separately, which makes it rather mainstream. And, I thought that if her canvas did mark out the silhouette of the building she was to paint on, as well as its windows and shapes, she could have painted with those in mind, rather than just paint across them.

However, if I were not to think of this as a fringe event, but rather just a simple art fair, then I will have to agree that it was good art, and a fine evening!

Thanks jess for all the fun and sharing today