Shanghai 2016: SSBA City Walker

This was the second, and also the last City Walker I get to take part in with the Shanghai Singaporean Business Association cos it is D-12! Me and boonkee actually managed to convince jiahui to leave her room and go on the tour with us, which is actually a pretty great feat, considering jiahui's immense level of laziness. 

The Walk took us around the area of the old French Concession today, and I got to discover many more places which insides are totally not visible or imaginable from the outside, just like how it was with Cool Docks 老码头. There were so much good food hidden in these nook and crannies, and even a boulangerie named Farine, which had really nice croissants and tartes. I wanted to buy a quiche too, but then I saw it too late, only after I had placed my order.

I seriously wish for Shanghai to concentrate all these beautiful places into a single area, so that I do not have to walk along the dirty streets which smell of urine and are full of cigarette smoke just to get from one of these places to the next. Like maybe they should just create an expat zone or something. And then I will never leave that place.

Final thing, me and jiahui also got to know Auntie Lena's daughter Jodie, and we even went out for dinner together. She is studying in Shanghai Singapore International School, and she really cannot wait to get home, just like me.