BHB Outing

BHB is not singlish for shameless, it is short for Big Head Bunnies. Who am I even kidding.

Even though we meet up individually, or with other friends from NDP / Chingay, the bunnies rarely go out together. After having not seen the BHB gang as a whole in almost five years, we finally had an outing ytd! \(^_^)/ ym ahgong planned it, and I really would not mind another outing planned by him, since the food and ambiance of the places he recommended were really good! Or, was I the only one enjoying myself?

Dinner was at afterglow along Keong Saik Road, and I loved the sushi bowl and linguine. I had ordered a burger, and then when I was done with it I noticed that ade and jas ahma weren't really into their food, having only taken a few bites out of the entire bowl. The reason?
Ade: 那个饭没有肉的味道
Well, duh, since it is a vegan restaurant after all ._. so, I helpfully finished their really nice bowls of sushi rice and linguine. 

I was really looking forwards to this meal of vegetables cos I saw it as my chance to cleanse out all that oil and salt and fats from all my unhealthy meals in China. But, we had to find some meat for those who did not really eat during dinner. So we had dimsum, where I was unable to help myself but stick my chopsticks into the 虾饺 and 烧卖. So much for vegetables only, sigh. 

After having so much to eat, we went for a zen activity to cool down for the day, and rest our minds and stomachs. I have not been to a chinese teahouse in Singapore before (unless the BSP room in Dunman High counts,) but apparently there is one in Chinatown called 功夫茶. The teahouse was really quiet and calming, and the chinese teas they served were way better than those served in chinese restaurants, or those that can be bought in supermarkets. I think I just might be a chinese tea convert now. Sorry to all the earl greys, chamomiles, fruit and flower teas I have at home, you guys will now have to lead a lonely existence in a corner of the shelves ):