One Week On...

It has been exactly a week since I got home, but my heart is still stuck back in Mongolia. I have been trying to settle back in as quickly as possible, but after having lazed around so many days in Mongolia, my efficiency has slowed down tremendously, and right now, I still have yet to finish unpacking my luggage. Basically, all I do every single day is to sit around, and somehow the day just passes me by like that. I really need to get my life straightened out and get my brain to begin functioning again. Regardless, I am still glad to be home after four months of China.

Some little things I realised since I got back:
1. The tissue that we use at home is super soft as compared to the ones in Shanghai. Oh, how my poor face has been scratched by the low quality tissue paper that I use to rub against it every day.
2. After having lived with only two luggage worth of stuff over the last 4.5mths, I finally realised how cluttered my room is, with so many things that do not affect my day-to-day living. Also, I realised what people mean when I have too many clothes. After having only enough clothes for two weeks before having to rewear something, my closet enough to last six months really does seem overwhelming. 

Being home also means being able to be with friends and family. In just the last week alone, I had two birthday celebrations; one for my grandma and one for jiahui.

Now, I am trying to meet as many people as possible before school starts again. Going out with different people everyday, and being able to bump into people on the streets, now this really feels like I am home (':