What Happened This Week

Nothing much in particular happened this week. I met up with friends, had some good food, watched some dramas and also went to a job interview and a grocery session. The interview made me think hard about my future, and then meeting the exchange students to help get their groceries drove home for me the point my interviewer made. 

I have been thinking so much since my interview ytd, that I had an urge to write a post, but now that I am actually on it, I suddenly feel that I have nothing in particular to say. Or was it that I had said it all last night, to the little girl who needed some uni and internship advice? I told her a lot of things, and even though she thanked me for the advice, I felt grateful for the chance to ramble on and on and to organise my thoughts out loud. Maybe I really think better with my mouth open. But my career is food for thought another day, perhaps tmr, when I craft my email reply. Right now, I should cool down and hope that a little pause would help me see from another perspective.

On to drama news, W: Two Worlds and Bring it On, Ghost are currently my favourite, but I cannot understand why Uncontrollably Fond is doing so well with the ratings. Its plot is convoluted and relationships are super complicated, I am actually contemplating dropping this show altogether. And for those who know how much drama I watch, dropping a show really does say something about its poor quality, cos I am such a drama junkie I can sit through most shows without complaint, even if it is not that good ._.

I just hope everything works out xoxo