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My parents got a break this year for National Day, since me and my sisters were all out of the house. I went to sit around Republic Avenue with sarah for a little while, before heading to hj's house for steamboat cos she lives on the top floor and we could see the fireworks from above from her window.

I had to buy two 1.5L bottles of water for winson and sarah before getting to Republic Avenue, and I did not want to carry them all the way from my house, so I decided to stop by Stadium MRT and get them from the NTUC at Kallang Wave Mall, which is the nearest point where I know I could get water. That was a total mistake. I forgot that everywhere would be barricaded to form queue lines and crowds will be pushed forwards into the stadium. And so I was this lone person wandering in the opposite direction and many ushers were just looking at me, probably wondering if they should come up to me and tell me that I'm going the wrong way. Unfortunately, they did not, so I am not really sure how helpful they were taught to be, or how scary my face was haha.

National Day this year did not feel as much of a celebration as SG50, but I would think that it is cos we had been celebrating SG50 for the whole of 2015, and that kind of hype is practically unsustainable. To do that once in 50 years is understandable, but there is no reason to do it every single year. Despite the lack of fanfare this year, my appreciation for Singapore has actually increased. Having spent 3.5mths in China, Singapore really is haven. There seems to be nothing to complain about now that I have experienced the worst.

Singapore is where I belong, where I keep my heart and soul. Happy National Day, Singapore! I love you with all my heart ♥