Operation: Riverside Pokemon-Catching

It is a little late, but better late than never! Pokemon Go got its sg launch ytd, so it is all the rage right now. People are walking around staring at their screens, and the streets do feel more crowded than usual. Even though it always feels a little more crowded during this time of the year as people come home to celebrate our nation's independence with family and friends, the number of people walking about really does seem to have increased by a lot. I thought sg would not have allowed the game due to security issues, but I guess the government decided that the people's freedom of choice are still priority.

Because of the game release, clique dinner turned into a pokemon-catching session by the riverside. And without even peeking, we somehow knew that all the other pedestrians around us were all playing Pokemon Go as well haha. Pokemon Go really is a good way to get people to go outdoors for some fresh air, as well as to explore their city. Gamifying exercise may just be the new profit-making trend, and for the sake of public health, I do hope it lasts for a long long time.

For all that I have said, I have yet to actually download Pokemon Go myself x: