What I Watched This Week

Unlike Singapore tv which air weekday dramas five times a week, Korean broadcasters play two drama episodes per week, so there are four dramas each week (Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday, Friday-Saturday, Saturday-Sunday.) There are five main channels which I regularly follow, so that makes for some whopping twenty dramas per week! But I only watch about 3-4 dramas each week, because some shows (long and draggy family dramas, I'm looking at you!) just do not suit my palette.

Because the time between each shows' episodes are about a week, and I do watch other stuff in between as well, some weeks I cannot really remember what happened during the previous weeks' episodes, so I feel a little lost when I continue with this week's episodes, which is precisely what I felt again last week. I have not felt such a worrisome memory loss for a long time when it comes to dramas, so I conclude that it must be the toll school is taking on me.

To help me assuage my fears of losing my drama touch, I decided to write down my general feelings of each weeks' episodes so that I can refer to them before I begin watching the following episodes next week. This may become a permanent weekly or biweekly feature, or maybe I will just write about dramas as and when I feel a need to remember.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Ep 1 & 2
The evil stepmother and stepsister, a ball ending at midnight, and arriving home in nothing but a slip. This show has so much Cinderella feels. And am I the only one, but this show has 爱情闯进门 feels too? I will probably continue watching this for now, since the first two eps were only the setup, and the action truly begins next week. I hope it does not disappoint!

W – Two Worlds Ep 8 & 9
Episode 8 really should have been shown last week, together with Episode 7, cos then it would have been a clean break to mark the end of the first timeline of Chul's life, before Episode 9 restarts his life. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the Olympics taking over the timeslot, so just deal with it. This is my favourite currently airing drama, cos it has enlightened me so much about fairytale lands, and how time works in stories. The only gripe that I have is that, when time restarted, everyone was dressed in the same clothes as they did in the first episode, from what they wore in the hospital to even the day when Chul was discharged. But why was the car that he drove out of the hospital not the cool red one like before!
Bring it on, Ghost Ep 11 & 12
Yayee Hyunji woke up! \(^_^)/ this show is mostly about the cute and fluffy moments, with less of a storyline, so whatever new "twists" that await probably will not be too unpredictable nor affect how I see this show. For this week, I just really liked how the tables were turned and Bongpal was the stalker and the one chasing after Hyunji.

1N2D S3 Ep 136 
This show proves that directing really does make all the difference. I have been a big fan and avid watcher since Lee Seunggi came on in S1, cos of the magic that is Na PD. But then S2 failed me, despite the fact that they did everything that S1 did, and despite Joo Won. Something about how it was came off on screen just did not quite cut it. Then S3, and specifically since Yoon Shi-Yoon, seemed to be able to make me laugh the same way I did previously. This is the longest I have ever stuck to a show (albeit with a break in between,) so I sincerely hope this show can continue for a long long time.