Izzit Recess Week Over Le?

It happened again. Another week flew by in a blink of an eye, leaving me to wonder what I did to pass the days and make it through. The answer: probably nothing. I did not finish the readings I so desperately needed and wanted to, I did not finish transcribing my interview, I did not finish prepping for my presentation next week. I did none of this, and yet I woke up so tired of school this morning. I should have at least relaxed and recharged if I really did nothing, no?

It is on these tiresome Tuesday mornings that I feel grateful for Prof Emily. Hers is the only class I have in the whole week that starts at 9am, the only day I have to wake up before daybreak. But her sunny disposition always manages to brighten and warm my difficult first day of the week. And not only does she tolerate us having breakfast in her class, she even joins us in munching on her morning nibbles.

While most of the class gets their morning coffee fix from the Deck, I have been making an effort to brew tea each morning to bring to class in my tumbler. I like how the aroma perks me up even before my lips meet the tea. It truly is the little things in life that make every day a happy one, especially when I have alr lost the enthusiasm for school, and seem to be dragging a lifeless body out of bed every morning, with nothing to look forward to except readings, readings and more readings. 

In all honesty, I really enjoy the seminar system way more than the lecture-tutorial system despite the fact that I am turning into a reading machine, since it gives me the chance to voice out my thoughts and be comfortable speaking up in class. I know my mouth cannot keep itself shut, so it is here that I can be myself. But still, the amount of readings is a killer. 

If this is how the next three-quarters of my last academic year as an undergrad is turning out, maybe I need to realign my values and find back the zest in studying. Which I never had in my entire 15 years of student life, and it probably would not suddenly appear overnight. 

I do not actually think I hate reading, since I love books, but readings which I cannot wrap my head around or readings which I cannot read at leisure seem to pose a problem for me. Maybe I should stop thinking about how to do it and just get into it. If it is never-ending then so be it, but I should at least do the best I can. Finishing one page out of fifty is better than none at all.

Hi readings, get ready. I am back.