Love O2O 微微一笑很倾城

(In this post, I refer to 微微一笑很倾城 the drama, rather than the movie. And no, I have not yet read the novel it was based off.)

To help those who have not watched the show, here is a quick eight minute summary by the quirkiest guy drama fanatic ever 谷阿莫;

Gu Man 顾漫 never fails me. I have watched two of her novels-turned-drama, and somehow she never goes wrong. The angst-free plot of 微微一笑很倾城 is just able to make me forget the time and immerse myself in it like there really is so much happening in the show, when mostly it is just about the two leads being blissfully in love, and they never ever get into a quarrel or anything. Is it even imaginable to have an entire show where the leads are peaceful for the entire run?! It is not even possible to find a couple in real life that does not quarrel at least once ever, even if it is over the smallest thing. But somehow this drama still manages to suck me in >.< I sincerely hope my future bf will be as caring and trusting as Xiao Nai 肖奈.

It is probably kind of obvious alr, but I will refer to the Chinese title more than the English one, cos I honestly have no idea what is wrong with Gu Man's shows' English titles. The drama's native title is so imbued with meaning, which I obviously cannot hope to have properly translated together with its cultural nuances, but still, make an effort! How did 微微一笑很倾城 get translated into Love O2O (online-to-offline)? For those who understand Chinese literature and have watched the show, that title means a lot more than its English counterpart. And how did 杉杉来吃 (Gu Man's previous show) become Boss & Me? It is not even grammatically proper o:

But anw, back to the storyline. There are so many commonalities between the characters of 微微一笑很倾城 and 杉杉来吃, it is kind of obvious that they came from the same writer. Why do I feel like both shows' male leads are super stalkerish and manipulative? Both male leads fell in love with the girl at first sight, Feng Teng 封腾 liked Shanshan 杉杉 because she offered to donate blood to save his sister; and Xiao Nai 肖奈 liked Weiwei 微微 cos she displayed gaming prowess. Both of them watched after the two girls in secret, to the point that if I had not known in advance that I was watching a romance, I would have mistaken it for a creepy stalker mystery / murder genre ._. and also, both female leads are such gluttons I absolutely love it! Girls after my own heart, these two (:

Also, I felt that 微微一笑很倾城 was very well written, cos the lines are carried throughout the timeline without using too many flashbacks, but of course that means it is difficult to understand the plot if I had alr forgotten what happened before.

Oh, and I absolutely have to mention how much I love Yang Yang 杨洋's megawatt smile :) he may not be the prettiest pretty boy out there, but he surely has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. I even paused the video to count how many teeth he shows when he smiled his widest, and it is exactly eight! No coincidence there.

The only gripe I had about the show was why did the original Feng Teng (Zhang Han 张翰) not appear as a cameo! D: it would have been so fun to see both shows intersect in a nod to meta-reality.

Even though I find that Mainland Chinese dramas have been getting much better in recent years, I still do not encourage people without a basic understanding of Chinese culture and urban Chinese slang to jump straight into it. Chinese and Taiwanese dramas may be filmed in the same language, but somehow Chinese dramas require more a lot more contextual knowledge than Taiwanese dramas. And Chinese dramas have too much (not-at-all-subtle) product placement I cringe every time. And dubbing. Why can we not just use the actors' original sexy voices?