Y4S1 Recess Week

This is the only recess week I have in 2016, since Fudan did not offer me any during my stint there. It has been a difficult and trying first half of the sem, and I even handed in my reflections late once. At least I did not screw up as badly as hj, who submitted her Germany assignment late by a whole whooping week. She alr has to do one more mod next sem cos she failed computing, and if she fails this one too, she will be dealing with 28 MCs next sem o: 

In the past six weeks, I spent a lot of time watching dramas, not because I did not do my work, but rather because rarely did anyone ask me out to play! D: I guess it is a busy academic year for everyone. So all the time that I did not study was spent on watching dramas, rather than hanging out. But I spoke to sijia over the phone about it, and I decided that instead of watching more dramas, maybe I should use that time to study harder. Because some dramas really have zero plot and is a total waste of my time. Why should I watch it for the sake of watching?

On top of all that crazy piles of work and new dramas calling out to me, I also spent some time dealing with graduating year insecurities and other inner turmoils. Of course, it was not so bad that I had to see a psychiatrist or anything, I just needed to spend some time sitting down and thinking through my life without interruption. One of the things I really want to do now is maybe get some working experience. So I found some voluntary work for the winter break alr. 

The problem with the winter break is that I generally go on family trips then, so that the amount of time I have left in Singapore is very much reduced to two weeks between the end of exams and the holiday, and maybe one week between the end of the holiday and the start of school. Who would ever hire an intern like that? But I found a social enterprise that takes in volunteers rather than try to get an internship.